Keno is a game of chance that is based on probabilities, belonging to the categories  of lottery games commonly known as games of chance . Many online platforms opt for this game for entertainment purposes, attracting a category of customers who are fans of this type of game. It is understood that each game has a well-defined strategy, access conditions as well as a protocol. use, we will discover all these aspects in this text.


Keno is a game similar to lottery games  like bingo or the lottery. Before it appeared in France, Keno originated in China, it was the Chinese who brought it to the United States. After that, it was the Française Des Jeux ( LA FDJ ) which included it among its games.

Keno is a game that has existed since 1993 and over the years, it has evolved sometimes to multiply the winnings urus888 as it happened in 2003 when players played for lifetime winnings and sometimes to change its strategies by eliminating certain rules that existed previously like the multiplier coefficient of gains , this one is chosen first when it comes to placing the bet.

Nowadays, the suppliers of the  game of Keno have developed a lighter and faster version, while modifying its components including the game table as other new concepts have been called to bring this game up to date.


When playing online, you are always required to create an account in order to be part of the different platforms. The game of Keno  is present on various platforms that this step remains a mandatory passage almost all of the time, especially to confirm the age of all participants. As mentioned above, the FDJ, (la  Française Des Jeux ) is the flagship supplier of this game, so you only have to create your account on the site of the latter, then choose between two game modes, namely flash mode or classic grid . After being in the right place, in front of your screen, you have to understand how to win Keno  for sure. Be aware that this game of chance is actually very simple. TheKeno trick is to choose to make bets of 1 euro up to 5 euros. Then, out of the 70 numbers that appear on the grid, you have to tick 2 numbers up to 10 .

There is another trick to winning at Keno , which is to appeal to software using algorithms, these software baptized systems gear s make sure to collect the limited information that exists to make out the perfect combinations saying. On the other hand, we draw your attention to the fact that these software do not make it possible to win Keno for sure , because we are talking about a perfect combination but not a winning one. These are rough calculations that this system does in order to increase your odds of winning Keno  only without more.

Now that we have known how to play Keno, you will surely want to discover are the recommended places to play this game, let’s find out all of this together right away.

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